I Like Surprises

Episode "Tuffy's Buried Treasure"
Genre Fairground Pop
Sung by Jay Jay
Revvin' Evan
Lyrics by Stephen Michael Schwartz
Arranged and Produced by Craig Dobbin
Brian Mann
Length 1:44

"I Like Surprises" is a song from "Tuffy's Buried Treasure". It's sung by Jay Jay, Revvin' Evan and Tuffy as they set out on their treasure hunt together.


All: I like surprises in lots of shapes and sizes!
Tuffy: But if I had a wish, I wish it would be...

A piwates' tweasure chest,
That would be the best.
But wait a minute, now what's in it?
What would you suggest, Wevvin'?
Revvin' Evan: There's maybe diamonds there,
And we wouldn't have to share!
There'd be plenty, so so many,
We wouldn't even care!

We'd have diamonds to spare!
Tuffy: I wove diamonds!

All: I like surprises in lots of shapes and sizes!
Jay Jay: And any kind of treasure'd be a pleasure to me!

Buried underneath the dirt,
A million neat desserts!
Tuffy: Yum, yum!
Jay Jay: And we could eat every treat,
In all the universe!
Revvin Evan and Tuffy: Whoa!/Yeah!
Tuffy: But what would make me beep, beep beep,
Is a gowden goose to keep, keep keep.
And evewy day, some gowden eggs,
In a pile a mile deep!

Wow, that's quite a heap!
Jay Jay: Yeah, yeah!

All: I like surprises in lots of shapes and sizes!
And I don't care, whatever's there is fine for me!

I like surprises!
I like surprises!
I like surprises...
Revvin' Evan: For me!
Jay Jay: Me too!
Tuffy: Me twee!


Episode Version

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