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Jay Jay
  • Type: Jet Plane
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6

Jay Jay the Jet Plane is a small blue and red jet airliner and the main protagonist of the Jay Jay the Jet Plane franchise


Jay Jay is just the right combination of unquenchable curiosity and high-octane energy. He gets excited about new things and there is never a dull moment with Jay Jay. And there's never anything mean-spirited about this young plane (about six years old in human terms and is in first grade). He's as playful, fun loving, likable, friendly and outgoing as a kid can be. When it comes to friendships, Jay Jay is true blue.


All episodes except "The Merit Badge", is seen in cameo in "Snuffy's Missing Friend", only at the beginning of "The Great Tarrytown Blackout", and only seen at the beginning at "Tuffy's Trip to Pangabula".


Jay Jay appears to be based on an Airbus A318.

Mary Kay Bergman was the first to provide his voice. Debi Derryberry replaced Bergman after her passing. Donna Cherry has replaced Derryberry after instituation.


Jay Jay is light-skinned, has light blue eyes and freckles. He is painted royal blue with lighter blue bottom halves on his wings and tailfins, and has two red stripes on either side of his roof. His jets are golden and are outlined with red rings. His wheels are black with silver hubcaps, and held together with gold bolts.

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  • When the Model Series was first pitched Jay Jay was already blue in the original pilot models however because the crew at the time were only using bluescreens they made Jay Jay brown (puce to be exact) for the first tape then when they got greenscreen for the second tape they made an episode where Jay Jay would turn brown to blue so the change would be authentic
  • The only episode that Jay Jay did not appear in was "The Merit Badge" whereas he appeared for a brief moment but did not speak in "Snuffy's Missing Friend". He also had less than a minute onscreen in "The Great Tarrytown Blackout".
  • His good friend is Lina in the mystery season.
  • In the mystery series, his face model resembles Ellen DeGeneres's facial appearance.
  • Whenever Jay Jay was present in the Model Series, the oboe was played.
  • It is said that when voiced by Derryberry, Jay Jay sounds like Jimmy Neutron & Tad, two characters she has voiced
  • In the mystery season, Jay Jay has the ability to perform non-static body movements, but to more agility than the original CGI series