"Jet planes are really, really special, and i'm not a jet plane. I just have a silly propeller."
— Snuffy

Today is Picture Day at E.Z. Airlines, and everyone is excited of getting their picture taken, except Snuffy as he thinks his propeller makes him look silly. Snuffy gripes about this all day until Old Oscar helps him discover his propeller is what makes him special, and is glad that he has it.



  • In this first episode on Favorite Songs from Jay Jay the Jet Plane, this first song of Breezy.
  • This is Old Oscar's first appearance in CGI.


  • Snuffy's yellow markings are black in this episode for some reason
  • Brenda says the order of the gang getting their pictures taken is: Jay Jay, Tracy, Herky, Snuffy. However after Tracy gets her pictures taken, she says it's Snuffy's turn, skipping Herky. It could be possible Herky decided to go before her.


[[File:|300px|link=Picture Day/Gallery]]

Picture Day image gallery


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