Proper Chopper Scout

Episode "Herky's Hat Chase"
Genre Vaudeville, Dixieland Jazz
Sung by Herky
Lyrics by David Baker
Arranged and Produced by Craig Dobbin
Brian Mann
Length 1:19

"Proper Chopper Scout" is a song from "The Merit Badge". It's sung by Herky as he sets off in search of a good deed to perform in order to earn his merit badge to get into the Chopper Scouts of America.

This song serves as the eighteenth and final track on the "Sing Along Songs" cassette.


[Instrumental intro]

Herky: To be a proper Chopper Scout,
You've got to do a good deed,
A very good deed,
An exceptional deed.
You've got to find somebody somewhere,
An incredible need,
And show up like a proper Chopper Scout.

When I become a Chopper Scout,
I'll do a hundred good deeds,
Even more if ya please,
And unbelievable speeds.
And when I do my first deed,
I'll have a badge that will read,
"Herky is a real Chopper Scout."

A real, proper chopper,
A brave, fearless copter,
Herky is a real Chopper Scout.

And when they choose old Herk to join the troop,
They soon will find out,
There was never a doubt,
He's a real Chopper Scout.
And when I do my first deed,
I'll have a badge that will read,
"Herky is a real Chopper Scout."

A real, proper chopper,
A brave, fearless copter...
Herky is a real Chopper Scout.

Oh, boy!


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