The Best of Jay Jay the Jet Plane is a Blockbuster exclusive VHS release featuring ten episodes of the Original pilot Jay Jay models.


  1. Jay Jay's First Flight
  2. Herky's Bright Idea
  3. Old Oscar Steals the Show
  4. Jay Jay's Colorful Cover-Up
  5. Snuffy's Birthday Surprise
  6. Tracy's Magic Moment
  7. Jay Jay and the Sparkleberry Tree
  8. Tracy's Handy Hideout
  9. Herky Uses His Head
  10. Snuffy and the Snowman


  • This video recycles the front and back cover from the Jay Jay's First Flight VHS
  • The only stories missing from this video are Tracy's Fantastic Journey and Old Oscar Leads the Parade.
  • The Opening Credits and End Credits are taken from the Tracy's Handy Hideout VHS.

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