Tfj title card

That night, The Airport Planes were star-gazing when Savannah arrived. Before long, someone had put the sign on the door: "DO NOT DISTURB". When Tracy came in the hangar, She told Savannah about her fantastic journey.


  • The Crew Member was pushing Tracy holding her wing.
  • Another crew member is seen holding Herky while he's hovering above the crowd
  • Tracy's first appearance in the show.


Jay Jay the Jet Plane Model Series

Jay Jay's First Flight | Tracy's Fantastic Journey | Herky's Bright Idea | Old Oscar Steals the Show | Jay Jay's Colorful Cover-Up | Old Oscar Leads the Parade | Snuffy's Birthday Surprise | Tracy's Magic Moment | Jay Jay and the Sparkleberry Tree | Tracy's Handy Hideout | Herky Uses His Head | Snuffy and the Snowman

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